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The Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology (FCHPT) is one of the seven faculties of the Slovak University of Technology. The history of the Faculty dates back to 1939, when Act. 188 of 25 July 1939 allowed the establishment of a chemical engineering branch at the Slovak University of Technology.
The specialization profile of the Faculty has developed steadily in accordance with the needs of the community.

The higher education in Slovakia has its rich history. Faculty follows in the footsteps of its famous predecessor in the education of technical chemistry, i.e., the famous Mining Academy in Banská Štiavnica constituted by the empress Maria Theresa in 1762. The establishment of the Dr. M. R. Štefánik College of Technology in 1937 and subsequently the Slovak College of Technology in 1939 succeeded in keeping the high standard of technical education in Slovakia.

Within the time of its existence, the Faculty has educated several generations of graduates in both chemical and food engineering and graduates in postgraduate doctorate courses in chemical sciences and engineering. Thus, the Faculty has helped considerably to increase the level of scientific knowledge in industry, education system, scientific and research institutes, and administrative services.