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Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Technology and Materials

Research activities are focus on:

  • Mutual influence of ligands, its consequences for spontaneous, photochemical, and catalytic redox behaviours of copper and nickel complexes
  •  Knowledge and relationships between the composition, structure, spectral and magnetic properties, and bio-activity of copper(II) complexes containing bio-ligands
  • Classification of bonding modes and stereo-chemical arrangement of complexes containing pseudohalides, existence of co-ligand isomerism
  • Magnetic behaviours of manganese(II), iron(II), iron(III), cobalt(II), nickel(II), and copper(II) complexes (magnetic anisotropy, spin crossover, molecular magnetism, nanomagnetism)
  • Distortion isomerism is the most common kind of isomerism in coordination chemistry