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Institute of Information Engineering, Automation and Mathematics

Prof. Fikar is Professor of the year

14.12.2010 university journal Spektrum, 2010/2011 (5) (in Slovak)

Prof. Ing. Miroslav Fikar, DrSc. is recipient of the university prize Professor of the year 2010 awarded by the rector of STU in Bratislava.

Prof. Mészáros elected to be Member of the European Parliament

7.6.2009 EP ELECTIONS: Slovakia elects its representatives to the European Parliament

Prof. Alojz Mészáros was elected to be a Member of the European Parliament for years 2009-2014.

Prezident of the Slovak Republic appointed Prof. Alojz Mészáros, CSc. to be Ambassador in Sweden

20.4.2006 Press release