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monday, 30. March 2015

Information for Applicants

The credit system introduced in STU has been implemented in all three degrees of university education at FCHPT SUT, in compliance with the law and accreditation within the defined standard lenght of study.
The first level of the study is completed by a Final state examination and defending of a semestral project. The students earn the title Bachelor of Science (BSc).
The MSc. course is completed by a Final state examination and requires defending of a diploma thesis (the student earn the title Master of Science, MSc).
The highest form of university education is currently the doctoral study (the students earn the title Philosophiae Doctor PhD).
In addition to the natural-science basis, students are educated also in technological and engineering subjects, such as Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Processes Control, Basics of Chemical and Food Processing Technology, as well as subjects on Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Economy, Law and Ecology etc. The Faculty has widely oriented programs, leading to the development of basic scientific fields in chemistry, chemical engineering, chemical technology and food processing. This wide scientific orientation of Departments allows for goal-oriented training of undergraduates and their quicker transition to industry.
For foreign students, the FCHPT offers BSc., MSc. and PhD. courses. The BSc. course lasts three years and is the first level, the MSc. course lasts two years and is the second level. The PhD. course lasts four years. The current study programs for foreign students are (all the programs are accredited also in english).
Study programmes are standardly lectured in Slovak, but in a case of interest can be lectured also in English.




Bachelor Degree Study
Master Degree Study
Doctoral Degree Study
Date: 09.06.2014
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